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--- Who am I ---
Hi there, i am luke! I write code!
I really like to challenge myself to try to extend my knowledge. When i see something that looks complex to me, I dont think 'thats scary'. Instead i think 'i wonder if i could understand and learn that'.

--- What I do ---
I mostly program in web development, but am currently also trying to learn low level development. For web I use VueJS (for frontend) and ASP.NET/C# (for backend). When i do low level, i mostly use a combination of C and C++

--- Projects ---

[ Stegenography tool ]
This project was my attempt at creating a stegenography tool. Stegenography is the art of hiding secret data in obvious spots. In the case of this tool, this obvious spot is an image.

This CLI tool takes a file and an image, and then alters the RGB values of this image very slightly to encode the bytes of the file. You can then send this image to a friend with the decoder, and your friend can then use the decoder to extract the encoded file.

The cool part is that the changes to the image are partically invisible. So anyone that receives this image without knowing it has a file embedded, wont suspect a thing.

[ Tkinter PI trainer ]
For Hacktoberfest 2021, I participated by making a PI trainer using Python and Tkinter together with a friend. Its a crossplatform GUI application that can be used to remember the digits of pi, you are presented a num-pad, and have to type each digit one by one, if you mess up, your score is presented to you and you loose.