Luc de Wit

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Hi, and welcome to my portfolio site! Im a software developer, I enjoy coding because it pushes me to keep growing my skillset and expand my knowledge.

On this site you can read all about me and my activities. On here, i keep track of a list of my projects, and post on my blog.

Want to know more about me? Contact me via luc.dewit@hotmail.nl

Intercepting JS function calls

The Issue There are certain situations where you would want to ‘intercept’ a function call to a javascript function to inspect the arguments and do something before the actual function is run. I go...

Javascript function caching

Why use caching If you want to up the performance of your web application, and stop wasting resources on unneeded actions, you might want to look at caching the results of your javascript functions...

My new portfolio/blogging site

Hello World Hello world and welcome to my new portfolio and blogging website! This is the first blog post on my new and improved devblog. this website is going to be used to document my programmin...